WoodB&C. Any colour, any texture

Wood B&C® — is a Latvian trade mark that produces high quality ready-to-install finishing boards. We offer our many years of experience to bring your ideas to life.

We produce wood finishing with oil, wax, glaze and paint coatings as well as burning with the ancient Japanese technology YAKISUGI (shou sugi ban). We will help you choose the material for both interior and exterior works.

The offered products are finishing boards, Glue-laminated timber and Cross Laminated Timber structures (CLT, GLT), high-quality fasteners for timber structures from manufacturers Sihga, HOLZ TECHNIC, Rotho Blaas S.R.L, Fixing Systems.

We can help you with an existing project or develop one from the scratch, a color scheme development, interior design, artistic painting, painting, coating with nanocoatings, structuring (brushing), texturing.


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