We were involved in the project in the middle of the construction process, when it was the time to decide on the profile of the cladding boards, their location and painting.

It is fantastic to work with a client who values ​​the idea of ​​a house, its look and feel. The clients are a young family who want to leave the noisy capital in the evening and raise their children in a harmonious, natural environment. And the house is the backdrop for the people who live in it.

The client already had their own concept – and a budget too. Spruce wood gave the best price/quality ratio and the natural look, desired by the client.

Our finishing boards are always protected from insects (even termites) and elements. But as this house is surrounded by groups of trees, it needs additional protection from insects and microorganisms.

This protection for outdoor and indoor wood is  normally achieved with specially selected waterproof and insecticide primers and paints, but spruce wood absorbs poorly.

That’s why we’ve used plain sawn boards as it’s raw velvety surface provides better adhesive bonding.

Sawn spruce boards with knots are covered with the tone of wet asphalt on the facade, and on the box under the roof there is a planed spruce board the color of blackberries. They are located in the same rhythm on a ventilated vertical facade.

Delighted customers understand the properties of the material, that is a living organism, and resin smudges are not perceived as a defect.

Project created in 2017-2018.