The public building in Aluksne, Latvia is located in the heart of the city near the historical park with the XIX century country palace. It was important to integrate the building harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Together with the architect we’ve created the cladding`s design and used the timber of different sizes, thickness and width to get the building the original look.

The selected colors are sublime and the texture and facade’s layout are the main features, that let the building to blend and stand out at the same time. 

As for any public building the durability and wear resistance were even more important factors than the budget.
Both of these factors lead us to pine, that easily absorbs primers and solvent-based paint, necessary for the insects and sun and rain protection.

The wood for the building were custom ordered, because standard 3 m boards didn’t work for the 4,8 m height building. The raw material were specially treated to ensure its structures’ stability.

Then the some boards were subjected to structuring to reveal the natural wood patterns and layers, and some – to texturing, that creates a new artistic relief on traditionally plain material.