• Естественная древесина
  • Обжиг / Уголь
  • Обожженная древесина
  • Структурирование
  • Фактурирование
  • Покрастка
  • Создание любго цвета

Ash wood is known to be strong, hard, and heavy. Moreover, this material is resistant to any undesirable influences and it is in no way inferior in hardness, richness of texture, and strength compared to oak. And in terms of impact strength, the ability to retain fasteners, and the duration of resistance to deformation, it surpasses it.

For these numerous reasons, ash finishing boards are widely used for the manufacture of stairs, railings, window frames, cladding, and various flooring, including floorboards, different interior elements, as well as building materials -paneling, blocks, imitated wood, etc. Ash wood is also used to produce carved and bent furniture and veneer, so it is widely used in the furniture industry in general.