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Birch (BI) is a wood commercially obtained from two plant species, Downy Birch and Weeping Birch. The properties of birch wood allow processing this material with ease : having a density of about 630 kg / m3, it occupies an intermediate position between heavy and medium-weight species and has an elastic structure.
Depending on the growing place, age, and particular species (downy birch is a little harder), birch is easy to tint, making it quite suitable for manufacturing house blocks, parquet, and finishing boards. But its use is limited only to indoor areas because it quickly rots without processing in a humid environment. Therefore, birch is an excellent option for wooden interior decoration.

Birch is notably valued specifically for its appearance. The colors of sapwood and heartwood do not visually differ. Lumber obtained from this tree has a pleasant yellowish-white or pinkish tint, sometimes approaching light brown for older trees, with a slight silky sheen. In addition, this material is highly regarded for its pattern look – a curved arrangement of fibers – and dark blotches that form at some spots. It creates dazzling shapes and a magnificent impression of “play of light” without affecting the technical properties.