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  • Обожженная древесина
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  • Создание любго цвета

Cedar wood is characterized by high strength and, at the same time, softness, which makes it relatively easy to process, so it is generally used in construction as a finishing material. The properties of cedar timber characterize it as one of the most versatile building materials. It is also valuable that the cedar is a natural antiseptic; therefore, in the house, built of this material, there would be no harmful bacteria, and thus the air would be almost sterile.

Cedar belongs to the light wood species. This material has a smooth, soft, and exquisite texture, so currently manufacturers process it in order to produce paneling, boards, cedar flooring, and other building materials. The cedar finishing boards are in demand among professionals and general customers. It is also worth noting that it has a yellowish-ocher color and a wonderful, clear pattern of growth rings. Resin marks are considerably clearly visible on them, which are easily noticed in the pattern of a golden-amber hue.