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  • Обожженная древесина
  • Структурирование
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  • Создание любго цвета

Walnut wood has a large and even texture. It is moderately hard, strong, and tough, so it can be easily machined and polished. The unique properties of walnut timber are especially suitable for use in furniture production, as well as in manufacturing musical instruments and gun stocks.

The color of wood can be quite different, as it depends on the tree origins and especially on the properties of the soil and climate. As a rule, the brown-gray dark tint of the heartwood is unevenly colored and has darker spots and stripes. The sapwood typically has a grayish-brown color. There is no sharp boundary between the sapwood and the heartwood.

Walnut wood is fine-grained and firm in bending but not elastic. It is quite resistant to moisture, well processed, polished, and painted. The texture of the wood is captivating and varied due to well-marked, winding annual rings, large cut vessels, and uneven coloring of the core. Special coloring and tinting substances are used for a more vivid display of texture elements.

The wear resistance of walnut wood is high, as well as the degree of retaining fasteners, which is not inferior to the birch wood. Walnut wood, like pine, belongs to the group of tree species moderately resistant to decay. Walnut wood is used for the interior design finishing.