White American Oak (Quercus alba)


  • Естественная древесина
  • Обжиг / Уголь
  • Обожженная древесина
  • Структурирование
  • Фактурирование
  • Покрастка
  • Создание любго цвета

American oak wood has a low hardness index. This wear-resistant breed has a delicate texture on its cut. The pattern of annual rings is notably visible — shades from light gray-brown, taupe to yellowish-brown darken over time. The wood has moderately high shrinkage rates resulting in medium dimensional stability.

American oak wood is excellently suitable for flooring. It is easy to work with – it can be polished and processed with dyes and various preparations with ease. The weaving of the fibers allows a perfect polishing of the surface. This is a significant advantage of this particular type of wood. White Oak is beautiful, rot-resistant, economical, and of exceptional value to woodworkers. This material is widely used in the manufacture of cabinets and other furniture.