Wood B&C Balance


  • Charred and wire-brushed
  • Exposed structure
  • Painted
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Protected from sun, mold and insects
  • Could be of any colour

Wood B&C Balance is a charred wire-brushed painted wood. Burnt layer protects wood and it is a long lasting solution for decades. Exposed to scorching flames, the wood takes on a unique charcoal pattern; the fire of 1100 degrees Celsius forces pores on wood to shrink and close, so protective compounds penetrate, leaving the timber waterproof, immune to vermin and long-lasting. After burning, the wood is thoroughly wire-brushed. This technique enhances the panels’ natural beauty and creates a unique pattern.

We offer two options for Wood B&C Balance: Balance and Dark Balance. The difference between them is that “Balance” finishing panels have a more contrasting look, while “Balance Dark” option provides a darker, calmer, more balanced effect.