Wood B&C Carbon


  • Shou Sugi Ban
  • Burnt to coal
  • Indoor use
  • Exclusive interior effect
  • Different looks in different wood type
  • Sun, water or insects protection

Wood B&C Carbon – another type of product that we offer – is the type of timber burnt to the state of coal – charring technique. Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese technology, with the aid of this process the texture of wood is exposed, and also it ensures protection from fire and other undesirable influences. Initially, the Japanese applied Shou-Sugi-Ban only to cedar, but then this technique was adapted to process ash, oak, maple, cypress, pine, and other types of wood. The Shou-Sugi-Ban technology consists of wood-burning and fire processing, which gives an excellent effect of durability and undeniable beauty.
After finishing, the timber is resistant to water, fire, sunlight, or pests. In addition, the flames highlight and emphasize the material’s structure, making each panel uniquely appealing.