• Hard wood
  • Best for facades and terraces
  • Protected without additional treatment
  • Could be of any colour

In recent years, various methods of chemical or thermal modification of wood species have been developed, with limited durability being used for products intended for outdoor use. In recent years on the market, under brands such as Kebony® , Accoya® and others. Wood B&C uses these types of wood to create premium finishing materials.


Developed in Norway, Kebony® technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process that enhances the sustainable properties of conifers with a biological fluid. The process permanently changes the cell walls of the wood, giving Kebony premium hardwood properties and a rich brown color.


The wood structure is modified through the process to give it its unique stable, durable and inert properties with high thermal insulation that all helps to deliver long term performance. Accoya wood performs in the harshest of environments and even lends itself to being coated black.