Wood B&C Pure


  • Structured brushed wood
  • Natural look
  • Changing in different lights and angles
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Any colour

Wood B&C Pure – brushed wood (or structured wood). Wire-brushing is a finishing technique – the artificial “aging” of timber using special tools. The whole work process removes soft top wood fibers through scratching with a hard-bristled wire brush. The result is a distressed surface, so the soft grains from the growth ring are pulled back, exposing the heartwood. This method allows one to appreciate the natural beauty and texture of wood giving it a rustic look and earthier feel. The wire-brushing technique is used on wood on the higher end of the janka scale (soft and medium soft) due to the fact that the boundaries of growth rings there are visible (for example, oak, ash, walnut, larch, merbau, kempas, wenge, jatoba). As another step of this finishing technique, the wood is also subjected to special processing in order to protect the material from pests and decay. After painting, the material is polished or varnished. Wire-brushed wood is widely used in furniture manufacture and interior design, e.g flooring.